Decorating with Leather: Identifying Your Design Style

In interior design, there are a ton of different design styles or style “combos” (mid-century, minimalist, bohemian, modern, glam, rustic…just to name a few). In the attempt to not get in over our heads, there are three basic styles to hone in on – traditional, transitional, and contemporary. While a mix of all three styles is okay (and when done correctly, a possible interior design masterpiece), furniture is both a major investment and a huge deciding factor on the direction of the room. So before you spend the cash on a piece of quality, leather furniture, it’s a good idea to properly identify your design style.

Traditional: This style of décor incorporates classic furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and rich color schemes.  Traditional décor takes inspiration from the past, it promises warmth and welcome, and is all about comfort. “Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable – in a good way,” as stated in an article from With traditional design, you will achieve a look with refined furnishings, mannerly textiles, dignified colors, and a sense of order.

Leather Couch in Traditional Living Room

Photo via Lilacs and Longhorns

Transitional:  Feel like you’ve got designer ADD?  It’s not just you. In fact, there’s an entire design style devoted to that “condition”. “Transitional décor is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design.  Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles,” as defined by With transitional design, you get the best of both worlds – the warmth and comfort of traditional design and the clean profiles of contemporary. It is a look that is refreshed and ages well.

Decorating with Leather Furniture

Contemporary: By definition, contemporary is “of the moment”. It is ever-changing and borrows pieces and styles from different eras. Not to be confused with the streamlined, stark lines of modern design, contemporary design is all about comfort, softened and rounded lines, neutral elements, bold color, with a focus on the basics of line, shape, and form.

Decorating with Leather Furniture Modern Style


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Hopefully, we’ve provided a starting off point in determining your design style!  For more information on our quality leather furniture in either traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs, please give us a call or visit one of our beautiful showrooms.


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