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Comfort, style, and quality are our passion. For nearly 60 years, the W.SCHILLIG family has handcrafted the finest leather upholstery produced in Germany and around the world. We engineer our seating to ensure consistent, long-lasting comfort. Our designers work hand in hand with our frame engineers and upholstery specialists to ensure comfort meets fashion. We hand select the finest leathers and raw materials from all over the world. Our goal is to provide the best quality furniture at the best value.

Stressless is one of the world’s most famous furniture brands, and its parent company Ekornes is one of the best known brands in the Norwegian furniture market. Products are manufactured in Norway and marketed all over the world by a network of national and regional sales companies. Ekornes’ vision is to be one of the world’s most attractive suppliers of ergonomically designed furniture for the home. Ekornes’ business concept is to offer products that, in terms of both price and design appeal to a broad audience. In addition, the group aims to develop and manufacture products offering excellent comfort and functionality.


Ekornes Stressless®


Today, Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. is a leading North American furniture company with local manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico. These centrally and strategically located plants allow us to provide prompt, cost efficient service and delivery to our valued clients across the continent. Our mission is to be a community of people dedicated to leadership in design, service, and customer value in the furniture industry.

American Leather was founded in 1990 on one revolutionary idea:  custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. Founder/CEO Bob Duncan applied “just-in-time” manufacturing he admired from the Japanese car industry to the furniture industry.  From a small four person shop, the company has grown into a thriving leader in the furniture industry, with over 130 different collections.

Our passion for leather and the decennial expertise in working such an extraordinary material have made us gain the leadership in the industry and worldwide fame. Top-rate hides are selected and worked in our tanning plants in the course of 23 different stages, thus obtaining two categories of leather that enable us to meet the needs of all of our customers: Natural and Protecta. The precious Natural leather – extremely soft and velvety – are worked in compliance with the original characteristics of the hide: all the distinctive features as to grain, veining and colour shades can be recognized at sight and touch. Protecta leathers are coated by an invisible protective layer, which makes them durable and ideal for a practical and daily use of the sofa.